Call For Manuscripts

The African Economic and Business Review (AEBR) is a biannual journal devoted to the publication of high-quality theoretical and empirical articles on all aspects of economics and business. Articles published in the African Economic and Business Review are open access articles, effectively removing the barriers for timely distribution of the articles and ensures that they can be read by as many people as possible. While the emphasis is on Africa and other less developed countries outside the continent of Africa, articles on other regions will be considered. Articles submitted to The African Economic and Business Review are refereed through a double-blind process. Submit a copy of your manuscript by email to There is no submission or publication fee required.

Published articles become the copyright of TheAEBR. However, as author of a published article, you automatically retain the right to reproduce your work elsewhere.

Formatting: The journal uses APA style for referencing, headings, and tables. Examples of APA style can be found at and other online sources.

The Manuscript Review Process

Criteria: The primary criteria used when reviewing contributions for the AEBR are the quality of the paper and its potential value to educators, business professionals, and administrators. For research papers, quality includes the quality of the literature review, significance of the research question, thoroughness and appropriateness of the methodology, clarity of the results, and whether the conclusions and implications are supported by the data. Every research paper must have at the minimum, an abstract, introduction and literature review, data description, methodology, result, and conclusion.

Reviewers: If a manuscript does not address the focus of the AEBR, it is returned to the author without review and, where possible, with suggestions for where it might be better submitted. Each manuscript is typically forwarded to 2 reviewers, each of whom has expressed an interest and expertise in the area. The journal uses a blind review process. Feedback aimed at enhancing the work of authors would be provided. Feedback should be critically constructive and creative, helping authors to further develop and improve their ideas and/or writing and to share their work via publication.

Feedback to authors: The author receives one of the following responses, together with supporting commentary, from managing editor: Publish, Publish With Minor Changes, Publish After Major Revision, or Not Recommended for Publication in Present Form.

Revision and editing of manuscript: When revising a manuscript, the author is asked to provide a commentary as to how he or she has responded to the reviewer suggestions. The author is invited to accept only those suggestions with which he or she agrees, and to provide a rationale for ignoring specific suggestions for change. More than one revision, in consultation with the editor, may be required. In the case of manuscripts requiring excessive editorial work, an editorial fee may be requested.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All articles submitted to the AEBR for review should be written in Microsoft Word and should follow the APA writing style. Manuscripts should be submitted as electronic files to Authors with additional questions about the submission process should communicate with the editor through the same email address.
  2. Manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages. Longer manuscripts will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Manuscripts should be original works and must not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration by the AEBR.
  4. Articles will be forwarded to two external reviewers for peer review and recommendation for publication.
  5. End-notes (not footnotes) should be used. End-notes should be kept to a minimum, and lengthy notes are strongly discouraged.
  6. An abstract should be included, not to exceed 250 words, as well as a list of keywords.
  7. All references to the authors or their affiliations should be removed from the body of the article and placed on a separate cover sheet.
  8. All diagrams and tables should be done in word, excel, or must be camera-ready image.